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Hey Look, It’s a Vulva

November 7th, 2013 | Posted by Bare To Bush in Growing It Out: Days 31-60 | Other Observations

More specifically, it’s my vulva. And you know what? It’s pretty awesome. It’s an amazing, elaborate, wonderful, mysterious part of my body that I am not afraid of or ashamed of. My labia is different than some. There’s hair all around it. Blood comes out of it sometimes. Inside of it is a tunnel to the incredible female reproductive system. It’s capable of popping out a human baby. It’s capable of orgasms so great they make me cry.

In my opinion, there is no reason at all why this area of the body has to be hidden between our legs and whispered about behind closed doors. When I was a kid, I was convinced for a certain amount of time that I had a penis because I had never seen a vulva and some strange dictionary definition made that seem accurate. I was terrified that the whole world hadn’t noticed at birth that I was actually a boy.

When I started masturbating, I was convinced that I was the only girl in the world who did and thought that girls weren’t supposed to do that and I was horrible and gross. Once, when a guy hesitated before going down on me, I thought there must be something horrible and wrong about me and I wouldn’t let anybody put their face between my legs for a year.

Having a vulva can be terrifying. When I was younger and really wanted to know if mine looked the same as anybody else’s, I could never go up to a friend and say, “Hey, can I see your vulva and you can see mine? I’m just curious what it looks like!” We could compare our eyes, hair, tummies, teeth, toes, ears or noses, but never in my life has anybody offered to show me their vulva simply to see what it looks like.

I have done many internet searches in an attempt to find normal, everyday pictures of vulvas. And while I have found some, there are certainly not as many as I think there should be. So my answer to that is this photo. A normal, boring picture of my vulva. Because I honestly believe it’s important for both men and women to see what our bodies really look like and realize that we’re all a little bit different and that’s perfectly ok.

*Note – I changed the terminology of this post to reflect the anatomically correct word “vulva” rather than “vagina”. Though I like calling it my vagina (and that’s the common term for it) it’s technically a vulva. So there. I’m being anatomically correct. I think it’s important. Don’t yell at me.

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